Dua For Beauty On Face – Surah For Beautiful Eyes

Dua For Beauty

People judge on the basis of your looks. They don’t see your nature but only want facial beauty. This leads to problems in marriage of a lot of girls who aren’t very fair and beautiful. If you want to enhance your beauty and bring more noor on your face, then you should make dua for beauty and Insha Allah, the Almighty will give you glowing skin. If you feel inferior in front of other pretty and fair girls and you want to be like them, then dua for beauty on face will help you get desired results.

Sometimes people make fun of your acne and dusky face. If you feel inferiority complex because of it and you want to develop your beauty, then dua for beauty will help you in getting a perfect look for you. A lot of girls want to enhance their look for their partner. If you are going to get married and you want to look beautiful for your husband, then dua for beauty on face will help you in gaining a beautiful and glowing face. It will wipe out all marks and Once from your face and give you a perfectly fair and glowing face.

Dua For Beauty On Face

Dua For Beauty On Face
Allah Talah has denied women to show off their face to men. It is only for their husbands that they can do makeup and look beautiful. So, if you want to impress your partner and look beautiful to them, then dua and surah for beauty is the perfect remedy for you. Every girl should consider herself beautiful and never feel inferior to anyone. But, she can definitely enhance her beauty for her own sake. If you want to have a beautiful face and eyes, then dua for beautiful eyes will help you out.

Dua And Surah For Beauty

It is essential to get the procedure of dua for beautiful eyes from our molvi sb. and then practice it. This will not let you make any mistake. Get rid of all your skin flaws and blemishes and get a rejuvenated and glowing skin with the help of dua and surah for beauty. The dua will enhance your features and bring glow to you from the inside. With the effect of this dua, you will look radiant and vibrant. So, don’t waste a single minute and start practicing the dua for beauty instantly. The makeup products will give beauty for a particular time, but the dua for beauty on face will give you a lifetime beautiful face.

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Dua For Beautiful Eyes

Dua For Beautiful Eyes
Dua for beauty:

“WaAmmalLazeenabYazzatWujuHuhumFafiRahmatilLaahi Hum FeehaKhalidoon”

No matter what marks and spots you have on your face, or if you have a dull or dark complexion, Insha Allah, with the help of this ayat, everything will be fine. Recite this ayat 21 times daily and blow it on your palm and rub your palm all over your face.

Insha Allah, your face will glow like the moon. Keep doing this wazifa all your lifetime to maintain the look and beauty of your face.

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