Dua For Love Marriage in Islam


Dua For Love Marriage

Are you still single and wish to get married as soon as possible? Do you want to find a suitable partner for you? Do you want to have a happy and prosperous married life? If yes, then you should immediately make dua for marriage. The dua will help you in finding your soul mate. The dua is meant to bring compassion, happiness, and love in your marriage. The dua for marriage will never let any differences come between the partners and will always keep both of you happy and content with one another.

Dua For Marriage in Islam

If you love someone and wish to marry that person but your love marriage is experiencing a lot of rejection and obstacles from family and relatives, then dua for love marriage is the best solution. It will Insha Allah, smoothen your marriage proceedings. The dua for love marriage has the power to convince both the sides for your love marriage. They will happily accept your relationship and be a part of your marriage. The dua for love marriage will also wipe out all the problems and hurdles from your love marriage and make it take place conveniently.

Dua For Marriage in Islam

Marriage is a very big event in a person’s life. Hence, you want it to take place with great sincerity. The dua for marriage in Islam will make your marriage take place without any problem. It will help you in getting the most compatible partner for you who will always be y your side in all the ups and downs of life. The dua for marriage in Islam is a boon for all the boys and girls who feel that their age of marriage is passing by and they should get married to someone compatible as soon as possible. So, without wasting a single minute you should start reciting the dua for marriage in Islam.

Dua For Marriage


If your marriage is already set but it is not happening because of some of the other problems, and you don’t know how to make things okay, then you should practice dua for marriage. The dua will ease all the problems and make the marriage take place without any issue. Whether it is your love marriage or arrange marriage, the dua will make things better for your marriage and allow it to take place without any issue. You can contact our molvi sb. to get the dua for marriage in Islam.

Dua For Marriage

Dua for marriage is given below as: –

“Subh Hanal Lazee Khalakal Azwaja Kul Laha Mimma Tumbi Tul Ardho Wa Min Anfusihim Wa Mimma La Ya’Lamoon”

  • Recite this ayat from Surah Yaseen 100 times after the namaz of Zohar and include Durood o’ Salam 11 times in the start and end of the ayah.
  • Continue reciting this dua till the time you are married to the person you want or as per your parent’s will.
  • Insha Allah, if Allah wills, you will get good news related to your marriage within 21 days.

In case you have any doubts related to the dua for marriage, you can speak to our molvi sab immediately.

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