Dua for Marriage Proposal Acceptance- Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

Dua for Marriage Proposal

Are you upset that all your friends and siblings have got married or are getting married and you seem to get no marriage proposal? Do you desire to receive a marriage proposal from the one you love? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then our dua for marriage proposal is for you. Today we are sharing with you duas for marriage proposal and duas for acceptance of marriage proposal by helping you get your happily ever after!

If you are a parent who is worried about the marriage of their children because they are of the marriageable age and are getting no decent marriage proposal, then we have for you a dua for a good marriage proposal. We understand your concern for your children so we are sharing these duas with you. This is a tested and proven Islamic which has helped a lot of people in getting desired proposals. This dua can be performed by the parents of the boy or girl who wishes to get marriage proposals.

Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

Dua For Good Marriage Proposal

The ritual to perform the dua for a good marriage proposal is given below:

  1. Wash your hands and feet.
  2. Recite Surah Yasin three times.
  3. Now recite, Ya Aliyyu 1700 times and plead Allah for a good marriage proposal with pure heart and belief.
  4. Complete the ritual by reading Durood e Sharif twice and thanking Allah.

Perform this ritual for 42 days and you will receive the best marriage proposals. Perform the dua with full faith and belief in Allah. We recommend you also visualize the kind of marriage proposal that you wish to receive while reciting duas for good marriage proposals.

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Dua For Acceptance of Marriage Proposal

Dua For Acceptance of Marriage Proposal

If you have received a proposal that you like but aren’t sure whether the other party will accept it or not, then you can perform this dua for acceptance of marriage proposal. You can also perform this dua if you are in love with someone and want to spend your whole life with them and desire that they should send you a proposal.

First of all, you should perform ‘Ya Allah Nikah Ishtikara’, to gain insight into whether the proposal you wish to seek is right for you or not. After you get the positive response for the nikah istikhara you can go ahead and recite the dua.

Perform below-given duas for acceptance of marriage proposal:

Sahlam Bi Fadhlika Yaa `Azeez”.

Recite this dua 100 times for 40 days consecutively after an obligatory salat. This is a very powerful dua for good marriage proposals which will solve all your problems related to a proposal. If you wish to get added benefits for your marriage proposals then you can also include the reading of Surah Yasin after reading the dua you will surely get success in whatever you want. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact our molvi Saab through the numbers given provided.

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