Dua For Marrying Someone You Love – Beautiful Dua for Someone Special

Dua For Marrying Someone You Love

Marrying the one you love is no lesser than a big dream come true. When we love someone we wish to spend our whole life with them. The love, understanding, and attachment with that person grow over the years and we cannot think of spending our life without them. But sometimes the situations take the wrong turn which shatters the dreams of the couples. We are here to cheer you up by sharing a dua for marrying someone you love, as what could be better than using the solution provided by Allah?

Marrying someone of your choice comes with a rough path and obstacles. It is not always easy for couples to get through the end of marrying each other easily. There are still some parents and societies that forbid love marriages which make it a nightmare for the couples. This dua for marrying someone you love will help you to courageously fight these obstacles in the journey of your path:




Beautiful Dua for Someone Special

Recite this beautiful dua for someone special 300 times for 13 days and Inshallah you will be able to witness the magical results on your own. This dua for marriage has powers to speed up the long-awaited marriage process and shift things in your favor.

Beautiful Dua for Someone Special

Are you looking for someone special and want to attract them to you by reciting a beautiful dua for someone special? The dua that we are about to share with you can be used to find true love and that special someone you have been looking for. This can also be used as a dua for someone you love if you wish to instill love in someone you desire and want to marry them. If you like someone and want them to reciprocate your feelings, you can follow this ritual to recite this dua for someone you love:

Dua For Someone You Love

  1. Dua For Someone You Love


  1. Make wudu and wear fresh clothes after Isha Namaz.
  2. Now recite Durood E Paak 2 times.
  3. After this recite, “Allahumma Ja’alnee Mehboobin Fi Miltee Bi Haqqi Ya Budduhoo Ya Budduhoo” 100 times.
  4. After this pray Allah to bless you with what you desire.

Continue this ritual for five days or a week and you will start seeing the effects of this beautiful dua for someone special. You need to be open to receive love and affection and follow your heart. Our intuition is the way through which Allah talks to us and tells his decision. Make sure you recite the dua for marrying someone you love with pure heart and faith.

If you have any questions regarding the procedure of the dua or any other query, write them down in the comments. If you wish to consult our molvi saab for assistance, contact the numbers given on our website.

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