Dua For Obedient Child – Dua for Children’s Obedience

Duas For Obedient Child

Has your child grown into a disobedient adult? Do you wish your children to comply with your words and be obedient? If you have been making efforts to make them understand the consequences of their actions and still they aren’t improving then these duas for obedient child will be useful. It will help you to make them listen to you and develop understanding between you both.

Many times the children feel that their parents do not understand them and are always trying to mag them. This type of thinking can create distances between the parent and child and hence increase the probability that they would become non-compliant. But if you wish to improve the behavior of your child and want him to understand your point of view then the dua for children’s obedience can help you. With the help of this dua for children’s obedience you will be able to influence them and bring them under your control.

Dua For Children’s Obedience

If your children do not study and are always partying with their friends then you should make them understand the consequences of their actions. Many times when the children fall in the wrong company they may get distracted from the right path. But you can bring them back on the right track with the help of these duas for obedient child. If you feel that your child doesn’t listen to you and does as he wills then taking the help of these quranic remedies will prove to be very helpful.

The parents have to face the consequences of their child’s behavior and feel insulted in front of everyone. Those who are struggling with the same situation and wish that their child starts to listen to them than reading the dua for children’s obedience should be performed. If your child has started indulging in the bad habits of drinking and smoking and doesn’t pay attention to his studies then you should start seeking the help of the dua for child behaviour.

Dua For Child Behaviour

We never realize how much the child’s behavior impact’s family relationship. If one child goes astray, there are high chances that their siblings will emulate them. This can destroy the harmony of the family and can lead to conflicts between the members. So take the help of this dua for child’s obedience in the following way:

  • Make wuzu and wear neat clothes.
  • Set the right intention and read surah Yusuf thrice.
  • Take a glass of water and recite, “SaallaaLLaaHU ‘aalaa Muhaammaad SaallaaLLaaHU aalaayhe Waasaallaam” 300 times and pray to Allah to make your child obedient.
  • In the end, blow on the glass of water and give it to your child to drink.

Inshallah, he will start behaving properly and all his bad habits will also subside. Falling in the trap of bad friends is the biggest concern of the parents. If your child has a bad friend circle that teaches him to indulge in bad things then these duas for obedient child will help you resolve that issue as well.

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