Dua For Broken Heart – Dua To Heal A Heartbreak

Dua For Broken Heart

Each one of us has suffered from a heart break at some or the other point in their life. It gives you experience. But sometimes, it is very painful to heal a broken heart. If someone has broken your heart and nothing appears good to you, then rather than losing hope, you should recite dua for broken heart. There may be several reasons for heart break right from failure in love life to failure in studies, no job or divorce. No matter what the reason is, the dua for broken heart will change your condition and fill you with confidence and life again

You cannot survive with a broken heart. You have to make yourself strong again to fight all the problems of your life. If you really find it difficult to get relieve from your problems, then you should make dua for heartbreak. The dua will heal your broken heart and give it comfort and peace. Insha Allah, in the light of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala, your mind, heart and soul will get calmness. Nothing will give you relief other than the dua for heartbreak. The words of Allah will sooth your heart and mind and offer mental, emotional and physical relief.

Dua For Heartbreak

Dua For Heartbreak
If something has emotionally shattered you and you aren’t getting any peace of mind then dua to heal a broken heart will ease your situation. It will prepare you mentally to fight with all the odds and deal with the worst of the situations. The dua to heal a broke heart will offer speedy recovery to you and will never let anything hurt your feelings in the future. Whether it is your lover of someone closed who has broken your heart, Insha Allah, your heart will learn to revive from it.

A broken heart cannot be healed by any medication. It needs words of Allah and Quran to get healed. The dua for broken heart will make your heart and mind stronger to deal with such issues in a better way. You can consult our molvi sab. to get the dua for heartbreak. He will guide you the right steps to perform the dua. When the whole world disappoints you, turn to Allah for He is always with you and will never disappoint you. The dua to heal a broken heart will Insha Allah never let you suffer from any heart pains and emotional stress. It will revive your condition and make you better than before.

Dua To Heal A Broken Heart

Dua To Heal A Broken Heart
Dua for broken heart

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Astagfirullah

The above verses need to be recited after the namaz of Isha.

After completing all your works, just lay down on the bed and recite this dua as many times as you can and then go to sleep.

Insha Allah, you will get great relief in the morning and feel much stronger than before.

The dua is very simple and is meant to ease the burden of your heart and revive you from your sufferings. If you need customized dua, you should consult our molvi sb. for it.

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