Quranic Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship

Quranic Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship

Marriage is a relationship that is based on love and trust. When a couple gets married, they commit to always love and be loyal to each other. A lot of times one person in a marriage commits a mistake of cheating on their partner. To get rid of such a situation, the Quranic dua to stop illegal relationship is used.

We all know that having an extra marital affair is one of the biggest sins in a person’s life. However, a lot of people commit this sin and then have to face the wrath of Allah Taala. A married couple should always avoid facing this situation in their life at all costs. The dua to stop haram relationship is the best way to avoid even facing the situation of getting a third person in your life ever.

Quranic Dua For Husband Love

Before and after getting married, a wife always wishes for her husband to love her most. She always wishes to be her husband’s first priority no matter what. Every woman asks Allah to make her love from the bottom of his heart.

Quranic Dua For Husband LoveEvery woman who wants her husband to love and respect her throughout the rest of his life, then the Quranic dua for husband love will help you. This dua for getting your husband’s love will help you create the feelings of love in your husband’s heart only for you.

Quranic Dua For Happy Married Life

Every person dreams of having a happy married life with a genuine person. A marriage is a commitment for life. The reality of marriage is also that there is happiness and sadness. The negative aspects of a relationship often overpower the positive side of a relationship. A couple should always work together to face all the difficulties in life together.

The Quranic dua for happy married life is a remedy that helps a married couple to always live together happily. The problems in life are unavoidable. This dua gives the couple the strength to fight all the problems that a husband and wife go through in their marriage.

To know the process of performing this dua, read the instructions written down below:

  • Sit on a prayer mat after performing fresh ablution.
  • Put a bowl with a few spoons of sugar.
  • Now imagine your shauhar’s face and begin with the recitations of the dua.
  • Begin reciting Surah Yasin for forty one times.
  • After completing this recitations, blow over the bowl of sugar.
  • Then use this sugar, in the food and drinks of your husband.
  • Within a week of performing this dua, you will be helped by Allah in creating a happy marriage.

Insha Allah, because of this dua, you will be able to create a loving atmosphere in your married life. This dua is also very helpful for those couples who feel that the love and happiness in their life is diminishing.

If you want to know more details about this dua, you can directly talk to our Maulvi Sahab at any time.

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