Surah Noor For Beautiful Face – Dua For Beautiful Face

Surah For Noor on Face

Every person is born beautiful but who doesn’t want to enhance the beauty that is given to us! So if you are looking for one way to enhance that glow on your beautiful face and enjoy becoming the head turner at the party, just halt here! Today we will share with you a very effective surah for noor on face that will make add on to your beauty and will make you feel more beautiful.

This dua for beautiful faces can also be recited for overcoming skin problems. If you have severe acne, or you want to improve the texture and complexion of your skin, this surah noor for a beautiful face is just about the right choice for you. Some girls find it difficult to get married and get marriage proposals if they do not have an attractive face. If you have been rejected for the marriage proposals on this ground and are worried about it, you can take the help of this dua for a beautiful face that will make your skin flawless!

Surah Noor For A Beautiful Face

Surah Noor For A Beautiful Face
Also, external factors like stress, having a scar or burn might reduce the attractiveness of the face. If you are tying the knot of the marriage soon and want that flawless skin and glow, recite this surah without a shadow of a doubt. Surah for noor on face will help you to reduce and fade these unwanted marks on face while promoting the healthy glow:

WaAmmalLadheenabYazzat Wu Ju Hu Hum Fa Fi RahmatilLaahi Hum FihaKhalidoon

Recite this surah for noor on face daily and blow on your palms. Wipe your palms all over your face and believe in the effectiveness of this dua.

If you have a beautiful facial structure but do not have good and healthy skin, this dua for noor on the face will help you. Many women have a decent facial structure that is hindered by the presence of dark complexion, acne, and various skin problems.  Skin problems affect people psychologically more than it does physically. The teenagers suffering from acne and scars start disengaging and socializing with the people. This trauma leaves them hurt, disappointed, and reduces their confidence.

Dua For Beautiful Face

Dua For Beautiful Face
Recite this surah dua for a beautiful face and get rid of all the skin problems at once:

Recite Durood E Sharif once and “Ya Jameel” 100 times and blow it on your mirror. Or you can also blow on your palms and wipe them over your face. Inshallah, you will start getting very beautiful results after the application of this dua in your daily ritual.

It is also advisable that you recite this dua with faith and practice good deeds. Also, make sure you are eating the right food and drinking plenty of water to give proper nourishment to your body. If you have any doubts or queries or want any help with the skin problems, you can consult our Hakeem Saab on the given numbers.

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